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The Light Bulb Project


San Francisco




The Light Bulb Project CD5 coverThe Light Bulb Project are Christina Roos, Emma Bates, and Hanna Göranson. They are from Gothenburg Sweden.

The play "independent and slick electronic popmusic that reminds me of the NYC band W.I.T. blended with Saint Etienne.

San Francisco is a three song EP with a bonus video of the song San Francisco.

The energy level and overall feel reminds me of Helen Love and (the unfortunately named) Nazis From Mars, but The Light Bulb Project are more in love with disco than punk, making their electropop a happy, fun affair.

I love this band. You should visit their website, grab the details you need, and start searching for a place that sells their records today. The song San Francisco has been stuck in my head all week .

San Francisco starts off sounding like the W.I.T. song I Surrender, then becomes something The Go- Gos, Kim Wilde or Toni Basil could have sung in their 80s heyday. By the time the chorus comes it is pure Saint Etienne, like the new Trunk Recordings band Transcargo.

Digital Analogue reminds me of the Boston band Freezepop, which is definitely a good thing.
You can't hack into my world
We don't live in this digital world. We are just ordinary analogue girls.

The Kompis Digitinnitus mix keeps the vocals. It is a fair complement to the original.

Le Hamster's video for San Francisco has the girls in white dresses with red crosses, looking a little like early Chicks On Speed. But the smiles and fun that this band are having as they dance through the song let The Light Bulb Project entertain as thoroughly as Scissor Sisters did in their Comfortably Numb video with only a fraction of the budget the Sister's have and no major label hype.

---Carl, June 8, 2004