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The Light Bulb Project






The Light Bulb Project CD coverThe photo on the cover makes the record look like it could be Client, ADULT. or Chicks On Speed, but The Light Bulb Project are not like any of those bands.

The Light Bulb Project are disco-pop, and The Light Bulb Project are super fine.

The Light Bulb Project are Christina Roos, Emma Bates, and Hanna Göranson. They are from Gothenburg Sweden.

If your favorite Saint Etienne album was Good Humor and you wished W.I.T. released more stuff and didn't allie themselves so closely with Electroclash, The Light Bulb Project will please you greatly.

Automatic Soul, Lipstickmarks on the Telly and Sorry are reworks of songs the band put out on early self-released CDRs. San Francisco and Real World were released on a 7inch on Zenith Recordings (ZEN 009). San Francisco also was the title song on an EP released on Lowride which was reviewed in the gullbuy.

Though the CD is only 35 minutes long, the music is well thought out, well put together, and filled with hooks and genuine enthusiasm. Please get this CD good distribution. I want my friends to have this disc in their collection!

---Carl, June 15, 2004