gullbuy music review

June 8, 2004


title:: Pre-Earthquake Anthem
label:: Output Recordings

Circlesquare's music is much more subdued overall though in an attempt to create a sense of foreboding, but I was not taken in by it.

It's nice how some of the songs have multiple parts, but overall I thought the mood was much too mellow, the songs lacking that extra something that would make this album the mellow Output masterpiece it's trying to be.

Kitsune Midnight

various artists
label:: Kitsune

This compilation is almost exactly like its predecessor: the comp sounds pretty good in writing, but is not really that crucial when hearing.

The song I expected to like best is not one of my faves at all (Black Strobe), and an artist I had never heard (Freeform Five) became the favorite I never anticipated

The Light Bulb Project

title:: San Francisco
label:: Lowride

The energy level and overall feel reminds me of Helen Love and (the unfortunately named) Nazis From Mars, but The Light Bulb Project are more in love with disco than punk, making their electropop a happy, fun affair.

I love this band. You should visit their website, grab the details you need, and start searching for a place that sells their records today. The song San Francisco has been stuck in my head all week .

The Slits

title:: Return of the Giant Slits
label:: Epic Japan

Nothing really equals the mad mayhem that The Slits produced on their two albums, Cut (recorded in 1979) and Return of the Giant Slits (recorded in 1981). Both of these albums have never been as widely available as those by the other groups from this time period, probably because The Slits soon splintered, never looking back and never re-uniting.

Their label CBS was not pleased with The Slits defiance to being more commercially sounding, the album was not pushed by the label and the band soon broke up.


title:: Tomorrow's Clown
label:: Tigersushi Records

It's hard to tell if this 4 song EP is the start of something great (like the Ecstasy & Wine era My Bloody Valentine) or if Uter is just another artist who wears their influence too high up on their sleeve.

Uter is Declan Roney, and the 4 song EP is a fascinating if flawed attempt at combining the best of the electronic bedroom set with the shoegazing goodness of the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.