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Black Strobe


Me and Madonna


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Image: Black StrobeBlack Strobe are Arnaud Rebotini and Iwan Smagghe from Paris.

Me and Madonna is their first release since their 2000 Innerstrings single.

Innerstrings was released as a 7inch with an exclusive Sonovac version (quite fine!), and a 12inch/CD single version with clubbier mixes.

Recently Black Strobe were in people's minds through the two remixes they did for WIT's Hold Me, Touch Me 12inch.

Me and Madonna is every bit as good as Innerstrings. The song has a bass accent that reminds me of New Order is the same way G.D. Luxxe does. The vocals are sung by Jennifer Cardini and Arnaud Rebotini.

The Two Fairlight Bitches remix of Me and Madonna is an instrumental version that spices up the electronics with a Giorgio Moroder disco feel. I like this mix quite a bit. The electricity is crackling. This time it is the drum that reminds me of New Order. The Two Fairlight Bitches mix is glossy and dry, with digital silence falling between moments of the track.

The flip side is Fitting Together, an instrumental. Fitting Together is aptly named, as it sounds like the lyrical synths are orbiting, trying to find the special place they can slide in to dock. Fitting Together is somewhat chaotic, but the sound is smooth once the parts fall into place and the disco beat pulls you in as surely as a heavy dub.

Each track has a unique appeal, though the immediate gratification of Me and Madonna is hard to beat.

---Carl, January 28, 2003