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We Still Kill the Old Way


We Still Kill the Old Way


Clone Records

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Image: We Still Kill the Old WayThe first cd released by Clone Records collects together both vinyl releases of We Still Kill The Old Way Part 1 and 2 onto one disc and what a disc it is. Named after the movie We Still Kill The Old Way (even using the same artwork for the cd cover) made in Italy in 1967 but having nothing to do with that movie except for the fact that it is a mighty cool collection.

Propulsive rhythms send this compilation into overdrive on some of my favorite tracks like track 1. Mr. Blunt by Dexter which has an incredible stop and start electro sound and track 2. Tilt by Partisan Midi which actually has a feel somewhat referenced in the name of the group (a midi computer sound). The rhythm becomes more techno-oriented on track 3. Bright Light, Dim Light by Bangkok Impact where the sound also becomes more soundtrack inspired - in an early to mid 80s thriller kind of way. Track 5. Rhythm of Need by Perspects reminds me of a prime era Throbbing Gristle thanks to the reverborating drum track and maddening keyboard melody. Tonight Is Your Night - track 7. by Double Dutch then goes and reminds me of Caberet Voltaire thanks to the manic rhythm box and heavily modulated vocals. Electro rhythms don't get more exciting than on track 8. Elastic by Frustrated Figures which is probably my favorite track on the compilation. And finally, Dexter is back on track 12. with the final tune on the compilation called I Programm with some sequenced vocals and some moody synths - to round out this incredible compilation brought to us by the people at Clone Records.

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--Patrick, January 28, 2003