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Hand To Phone remixes


Clone Records


AdultAdult's 'Hand To Phone' 12' came out two times so far: this is the third. First it was released as the New Phonies 12' picture disc, then as a black sleeved 12', and now the title song of that 4 song EP is given a new lease on life as a remix 12'.

Is this a good thing? You bet. When the two earlier editions were released they passed under the radar of all but a few people. Now Adult have a reputation and this great song will get the attention it deserves.

The 12' starts off with the original version of 'Hand To Phone'. Next is Adults 'Vulpine Instrumental' mix of the song. It is basically just an instrumental version of the song. The real magic is on the B-side.

Carl Craig has been one of the kings of Detroit's techno scene for a long time. His 'V.1.5' mix of 'Hand To Phone' sounds different from the original the moment it starts. The song is moved from being a rough electropop masterpeice to being killing material for the dancefloor. When the vocals come in they slay you. Truly masterful.

The whole second half of the mix uses a tweaked echo of the vocal and that heavy duty revised synth line. The Carl Craig mix is followed by Mat 101's mix. Mat 101 are Francesco de Bellis & Mario Pierro, an Italian duo who also record under the name Jolly Music.

As Jolly Music they have just scored a deal with EMI in Europe. As Mat 101 they record for Nature Records. In 1998 Adult did the first remix of their career on a Mat 101 track called 'Arcade'. The Mat 101 mix of 'Hand To Phone' keeps more of the original Adult feel than the Carl Craig mix did. What Mat 101 do is bring out the bass guitar which lay hidden in the original, then funk it up and make it the center of a track which kicks quite hard with tons of vocal cut n' spliced into place.

Both of the outside remixers show that it is possible to improve even a winning original formula.

---Carl, December 4, 2001