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Electric Ladyland


Electric Ladyland Clickhop Version 1.0


Mille Plateaux

various artists 2xCD

Electric Ladyland28 songs spread over 2 CDs chronicling the so called 'clickhop' / 'glitch-hop' sound. What we are talking about is minimal electronics (lowest common denominator being Stefan Betke's work as Pole) combined with samples of sounds and vocals as used by underground hiphop artists like Anti-Pop Consortium. We end up with a busy sound that has a beat that a robot would be most comfortable dancing the herky jerky to. This is not comfortable music. It is meant to incite and cause pulses to race. It gives a dose of crank to electronica and dumps its tired ass in the ghetto to adapt or die. Some of the tracks take a more Bjork like stance (MRI's 'As A Child I Could Fly Without Wings') while others Cntrl-V right into my heart (AGF/DLAY's 'The Return Of Us'). A few names I know are here (Safety Scissors, Andreas Tilliander, Kid 606, The Rip-Off Artist, Beige, Auch, DJ Spooky, I-Sound), but ass usual (with quality comps) the joy is in discovering the new artists you had never heard of. There are two well known names in side projects. Vladislav Delay collaborated with vocalist Antye Greie-Fuchs (of Laub, with records on Kitty-Yo) as AGF/DLAY. Their tracks is hands down my favorite cut on the whole set. High Priest (of the Antipop Consortium) has an odd track called 'Soma'. The first half of the cut sounds somewhat like his main group, but the second half is more like Stockhausen than Antipop Consortium. It is an odd track that is oddly appealing. Now the artists I had never heard: Spectre's 'Infra-Red (Danse of the Dead Pt.2)' is a moody piece that features the sound on a vinyl LP running on the locked groove at the end of a side. LOG's 'Out 1' is my second favorite track on the comp. It has the same type of electronic sharp edged dub sound that I loved on the Mo Wax compilation 'Now Thing'. Open Source's track 'Fullclip' uses tones like something the Raster label would put out, but then the electronic hiphop beat comes in. The track reminds me of those quaint early 90's cyberpunk books I loved so much. For some reason I think of John Shirley's (completely awesome) Eclipse trilogy of books (Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, and Eclipse Corona). Part of the wonder he created were nightclubs with wire dancer electronic artists playing a music that this compilation have finally realized. Akufen's 'Little Hop Of Horror' continues the brilliance LOG and Open source started. These three songs make up the tail end of disc one. This double CD set does the trick for me.

---Carl, December 4, 2001