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December 4, 2001

  • Electric Ladyland

    Electric Ladyland Clickhop Version 1.0

    2xCD / various / Mille Plateaux

    28 songs spread over 2 CDs chronicling the so called 'clickhop' / 'glitch-hop' sound.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • The Hives

    The Hives

    CD / Veni Vidi Vicious / Burning Heart Records

    A buzzy mix of sixties garage trash and seventies punk with lashings of new wave.
    [read more] ---Peter L

  • The Honeys

    The Honeys

    CD / Collection / Collector's Choice Music

    When it comes to soothing your existential troubles, the Honeys are a band among bands. Artificial dolls from their white patent shoes to their beehived curls, they demonstrate not a one of the unique qualities that flourish under God's smiley-faced sun.
    [read more] ---Oliver Alden

  • Nino Nardini

    Nino Nardini

    LP / Jungle Obsession / Re-Joint Records

    As the title suggests, all tracks have an exotic bent -- think Martin Denny; however, the '70s production adds a more solid bass-and-drums bottom end (breaks fans rejoice!). Some tracks are more mellow and feature loads of strings while others have primitive electronics, vibes, wah guitar and organ.
    [read more] ---Peter L, December 4, 2001

  • The State of E-Motion

    The State of e:motion: volume 9

    2xCD / various / EFA

    Brought to us by the EFA dance department. A double disc, 39 track compilation which spotlights each label they distribute in a high quality overview for the year 2001.
    [read more] ---Patrick R

  • Adult.


    12inch / Hand To Phone remixes / Clone Records

    Both of the outside remixers show that it is possible to improve even a winning original formula.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Ellen Allien

    Flieg Mit Ellen Allien

    CD / various / Bpitch Control

    Ellen Allien has given all of us a great gift with the rapid fire catalog of releases she has put out on her Berlin record label Bpitch Control.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Lali Puna

    Lali Puna

    CD / Scary World Theory / Morr Music

    This CD is much better than I figured it would be! Morr Music to me always represented electronica. Lali Puna are very vocal song based on this disc.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Leichtes Horen

    Leichtes Hören

    CD / various / Kompakt

    A bit out of sync with the 'typical' Kompakt release, Leichtes Hören (Light Listening) captures 'a contemporary concept of easy listening music, without retro attitude', compiled by J. Burger.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Nighteffect

    Nighteffect 2 mixed and compiled by DJ Highfish

    CD / various / WMF Rec

    The first 'Nighteffect' CD was song oriented electropop. The new 'Nighteffect' has a dancefloor feel, reflecting the current interest in the underground techhouse.
    [read more] ---Carl