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Leichtes Hören


Leichtes Hören



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Leichtes HorenA bit out of sync with the 'typical' Kompakt release, Leichtes Hören (Light Listening) captures 'a contemporary concept of easy listening music, without retro attitude', compiled by J. Burger.

While this may immediately turn off many Kompakt fans, I have enjoyed this compilation immensely. The most notable name (at least for gullbuy readers) is Contriva, and they can serve as a barometer as to whether you will like this set.

The song Contriva contribute is Next Time / Mike (#7). It is a female vocal song which is also on their double CD compilation. Even though I seldom appreciate the reappearance of tracks I already know, it sounds great tucked into this collection.

The biggest name on the comp is Julie Cruise. She sings on the Khan track Say Goodbye, which is not one of the songs I like. It has a chorus I don't like, and it is not very original at all.

My favorite tracks are by bands I had never heard of (exactly what good compilations are for!). Autobianchi's Endlessly Blue Sky (#3) is completely awesome! It is a female vocal song that is quiet in overall tone, but filled with energy and a great vocal melody and voice. The vocalist sounds a lot like the girl who sings for Contriva, though Contriva have more of a New Order sound to them than Autobianchi.

The other song I particularly like is The Novotone version of Porque Te Vas (#9). They turn this European hit of the Eighties into a nifty instrumental. All of this comp is good listening. The weakest cut is the Khan track with Julie Cruise (at least to my ears). The rest is a warm breeze.

---Carl, December 4, 2001