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Flieg Mit Ellen Allien


Flieg Mit Ellen Allien


Bpitch Control

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Flieg Mit Ellen AllienEllen Allien has given all of us a great gift with the rapid fire catalog of releases she has put out on her Berlin record label Bpitch Control.

I first noticed the label through the series of four 12's released sequentially as Berlin 2001 Compilation. With their 'Dedication Representation Berlin 2001' slogan they demanded attention. Now I have started to discover the many releases she has put out.

Flieg Mit Ellen Allien is a mix CD of some of her favorite non-Bpitch Control stuff. It is mostly vocal based and entirely electronic. The cuts bounce and bop with a sunny energy that is very attractive. If fact, the opening cut by Meinrad Jungblut Sonnendeck translates to 'Sun Deck'. It is sung so clearly that I would listen to it over and over if I was working on learning German enunciation.

The three names on this CD that gullbuy readers will recognize are Quarks, T. Raumschmiere and Miss Kittin & The Hacker.

Quarks contribute a version of Königin called the 'tunnelblick mix von turner'. It is a dreamy female vocal song given transformation though a beat.

T. Raumschmiere's H-Babe has male vocals and much more of a pop feel than his tracks usually contain.

Aeric's track Tout Facon is given the 'Showgirls remix' by Miss Kittin & The Hacker. Their mix includes adding vocals, giving the track a familiar feel for fans of the duo.

In the Eighties there was a US band called Berlin who had a radio hit with their song Sex. Musically THK's France (Mars mix) reminds me of the Berlin song. In fact, if you remember that track you are one step closer to understanding where all of this compilation is coming from.

This is music that is influenced by Eighties electro and pop, with a wiseness that comes from living in the new millennium and a dancefloor friendliness that would never have occurred in those 'death to disco' days.

---Carl, December 4, 2001