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Nino Nardini


Jungle Obsession


Re-Joint Records


Nino NardiniProduction music (also known as library music) is recorded specifically for music 'clearinghouses' where one can go and purchase (for a flat fee) a piece of music for use in a commercial, film, television program, or whatever. The music isn't produced on demand, that is to say the customer doesn't come in and say 'Write and record some spooky music for me.' The music has already been stockpiled and cross-referenced by different tempos, moods, etc. The customer flips through until he finds something that suits his needs. Some better-known examples of library music include the Sound Gallery compilations, much of the Blow Up comps, the Betty [sic] Page comps, and the Electric Banana (a.k.a. Pretty Things), as featured on Pip's Test Pattern a few months back (see for an archived copy of that show). Nino Nardini's Jungle Obsession is an album of production music recorded in 1971 and released for public consumption almost 30 years later. As the title suggests, all tracks have an exotic bent -- think Martin Denny; however, the '70s production adds a more solid bass-and-drums bottom end (breaks fans rejoice!). Some tracks are more mellow and feature loads of strings while others have primitive electronics, vibes, wah guitar and organ. My favorite tracks are 'Shere Khan' a lush, string-laden track with an underlying sense of danger, and 'Jungle Mystery' which has a, well... um, a MYSTERIOUS vibe to it.

Peter L, December 4, 2001