gullbuy music review

January 28, 2003

  • Black Strobe

    title:: Me and Madonna
    label:: Output Recordings

    Black Strobe are Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe from Paris. Me and Madonna is their first release since their 2000 Innerstrings single.

    Each track has a unique appeal, though the immediate gratification of Me and Madonna is hard to beat.

  • Anders Ilar

    title:: Replik
    label:: Shitkatapult

    Anders Ilar's first release for Shitkatapult is also his first release under his own name. He has previously recorded as Outside and Rend.

    He is from Goeteborg Sweden, and plays minimal tech-house on the two songs on the A side and pumping minimal stargaze on the flip.

  • Kero

    title:: Busted Berlin
    label:: Bpitch Control

    Busted Berlin is his first release for Bpitch Control. This 12inch follows his CFC Windsor/Detroit CD on the Shitkatapult label.

    The CFC Windsor/Detroit CD was more electronica than square wave. This new EP ups the ante a bit for Kero. As in the past, the music is completely electronic techno with no vocals, but this time the energy level seems to be a bit higher.

  • Mambotur

    label:: Multicolor Recordings

    My only complaint would be that since the vocals are so nice it would have been good to have more tracks with vocals, or maybe a remix or two.

    What Mambotur have offered up here is mighty fine and we can only hope there is more where this came from.

  • The State of e:Motion Volume 10

    label:: EFA

    The EFA Dance Department has turned 10 in a big way by releasing this massive 3 cd compilation.

    The labels that EFA distribute is like a who's who of electronic music because they carry almost 200 labels. Not only does EFA have a huge wealth of material to delve into, they truly get it right on this volume

  • We Still Kill the Old Way

    label:: Clone Records

    The first cd released by Clone Records collects together both vinyl releases of We Still Kill The Old Way Part 1 and 2 onto one disc and what a disc it is.

    Named after the movie We Still Kill The Old Way made in Italy in 1967, this disc has nothing to do with that movie except that it is a mighty cool collection.