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Busted Berlin


Bpitch Control


Image: KeroKero is Sohail Azad from Ontario Canada. He either now lives, or does a lot of shows, in Detroit.

Busted Berlin is his first release for Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control label. This 12inch follows his CFC Windsor/Detroit CD on the Shitkatapult label.

The CFC Windsor/Detroit CD was more electronica than square wave. This new EP ups the ante a bit for Kero. As in the past, the music is completely electronic techno with no vocals, but this time the energy level seems to be a bit higher.

The four song 12inch starts off with Elektroplatz. Elektroplatz is more upbeat than the tracks on his full length. There is a steady beat and sharp transitions between the sounds. Kero holds the piece together with a synth underscore that rounds of the abrupt sounds around it.

Detroit Loft is New Beat trance. There is little more that a drum beat and a two note synth accent. It is very minimal, but the beat is faster than a human heartbeat, so the sound is a bit unsettling.

Motorcity Mold is chaotic instrumental electronics, kind of like Elektroplatz. It sounds like the music author John Shirley described in his 1980s speculative fiction 'Eclipse' trilogy. Wire dancers would produce music at rave clubs by producing sounds based on their movements triggering implanted circuits connected to the sound system.

Motorcity Mold has asymmetric sounds that caused me to think of that comparison. I always think of John Shirley's Eclipse when someone mentions EBM, or Electronic Body Music, the Belgium genre which became known as New Beat. New Beat was a slowed down industrial music whose best known artists were Nitzer Ebb and Front 242.

7 Mile Sucker slows down the beat into New Beat territory. The underlying synth is slow and menacing, while a chugging percussive synth labors above.

For me, the first songs on each side are the ones to watch. They are more dynamic than the second songs on each side. If you loved the Kero full length, you may like all of this 12inch, not just the faster jumpier tracks.

---Carl, January 28, 2003