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Kitsune Love CD coverKitsune Love is an eleven song compilation of exclusive tracks put together for the Parisian fashion house Kitsuné. The general feel of the compilation is disco pop. There are 4 songs on the compilation that I really like (Playgroup, Todd Edwards, Lacquer, and Fantastic Plastic Machine), one I really don't like (Gonzales), and six that have parts I love, but elements that keep me from placing them as favorites (usually the vocals).

  1. Too Long - Daftpunk/Gonzales reprise: Chilly Gonzales covers the Daft Punk song in a piano/cabaret style. While his treatment is clever, it sounds too much like adult contemporary radio for me to listen to this song even one time through (by choice that is: I listened to it several times before writing this review).
  2. Perfect Love - Ernest St Laurent featuring Romuald: I enjoy the music on this a lot. It has a familiar sounding melody with a solid beat. But the vocal (sung by Romuald) sounds like Benjamin Diamond - meaning sounds like Hall & Oates. I liked Benjamin Diamond's LP 2 years ago, but I'm not mad for that clean commercial vocal sound now.
  3. Love Games - Shakedown: Pretty much the same criticism as the Ernest St Laurent track. Samuel Wallis' voice spoils the bouncey beat and disco-pop sound of the track. I like the music a lot but can't stand the vocal.
  4. Hooked on U - Playgroup: Trevor Jackson's Playgroup is perfect for inclusion on this compilation. The music on the Shakedown track had a Playgroup feel to it. Hooked on U does not have any lead vocal to help or hurt it. The song uses a few vocal samples in an enjoyable way. I was really glad to hear this track. It has been almost two years since Playgroup released anything (except the DJ Kicks compilation, which is well worth buying). Hooked on U shows that we probably will be hearing great new stuff from Playgroup in the future.
  5. Thank You - Todd Edwards: This track reminds me a lot of the mix of Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pleasure For Dub UK Dub) on the Moloko 'Pure Pleasure Seeker' CD5. It has the same giddy bouncing happy beat. Thank you has female vocals throughout. The voice is both sung straight and cut up into texture samples, in a similar way to the Pleasure For Dub UK Dub mix on the Moloko single.
  6. Lovelost - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke: This instrumental sounds like it was created from the music to the Daft Punk song One More Time. Alan Braxe, Benjamin Cohen (Benjamin Diamond) and Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk) were Stardust, the band which scored mega-popularity with the song Music Sounds Better With You. In the same year (1998) Alan Braxe released the Vertigo EP with the members of Daft Punk as well. in 2000 Alan Braxe & Fred Falke released the Running 12inch.
  7. X - Lacquer: This song is one of my three favorite tracks on Kitsune Love. I have really wanted to hear his Behind 12inch, but have not found it yet. Stephane Jounot (Lacquer) plays vocal electronic disco-pop that would appeal to rock people. It is very verse-chorus-verse straightforward and tuneful. The "I want to be an X rated movie star" lyric is not as cliched as it might sound in print.
  8. Why Not? (dub) - Fantastic Plastic Machine: Love this track! I can't wait to hear the new Fantastic Plastic Machine LP, which is already out in Tomoyuki Tanaka's homeland Japan. Fantastic Plastic Machine has been a project able to change with the times, able to produce great sounds over five years counting. Why Not? is as good as I would hope. No disappointment whatsoever.
  9. Beautiful Love - Dominique Torti: With nice percussion and vocals that don't alienate me, Beautiful Love is a solid track that is not one of my favorites, but that I could listen to over and over.
  10. Attend --- DJ Gregory: Based on a sample of a guy saying "attend", Attend sounds great as part of Kitsune Love.
  11. A Strange Light in Your Eyes - Romuald: A very commercial sounding vocal track which is not to my taste. The track updates a 10cc/Supertramp/Tears For Fears sound successfully, it is just not my sound currently.

This compilation is relatively easy to find, not too expensive, and has all exclusive tracks, 4 of which I like a lot. Though not crucial, it is a decent disc to buy if you love Playgroup or Fantastic Plastic Machine.

---Carl, April 29, 2003