gullbuy music review

April 29, 2003

  • Aphrohead

    title:: Thee Underground Made Me Do It
    label:: Clashbackk Recordings

    Felix Da Housecat's second album as Aphrohead is his first major new release since his highly successful 'Kittenz & Thee Glitz' LP. True, the 'Rocketmann!' and 'Metropolis' discs came out last year, but both of them featured older material.

    I like six of the thirteen tracks on 'Thee Underground Made Me Do It.' If you like party music and the current disco sounds appearing everywhere, this record is a solid buy for you.

  • The Blades of Grass

    title:: The Blades of Grass Are Not For Smoking
    label:: Rev-Ola

    The Blades of Grass have been given the luxurious Rev-Ola treatment for their sole 1967 sunshine pop platter, The Blades of Grass...Are Not For Smoking. The album is an incredible sunshine pop gem - from the delicate, effervescent guitar strums to the organic string arrangements, coupled with the angelic boyish harmonies, The Blades of Grass...Are Not For Smoking is a lost classic of 60s pop.

    If you love songs about sunshine, satin slippers, and pot brownies, than The Blades of Grass....are for you. If you'd rather buy the nth edition of XXX classic rock album put out on cd again, then look elsewhere.

  • Detroit Cobras

    title:: Seven Easy Pieces
    label:: Rough Trade

    Seven Easy Pieces is their 19 minute EP. their sound is like The Stooges meets Motown.

    Detroit Cobras exclusively perform cover songs. For most bands this would be a kiss of death, but Detroit Cobras transform the songs to accommodate their strengths and make each song their own.

  • Luke Eargoggle

    title:: Audio Warriors
    label:: Bunker Records

    Described on the Bunker web site as "minimalistic robot electro with a twitch," this record will remind gullbuy readers of bands like Smash TV or Bell. Each have tuneful instrumentals and songs with lyrics, and each take the ideals of electro quite far, producing music which sounds like it was created by the Emperor's Imperial Force drones in Star Wars.

    This record is very accessible and representative of the best of the Bunker/Creme Organization/Clone/Viewlexx sound.

  • Kitsune Love

    title:: various artists
    label:: Kitsune France

    Kitsune Love is an eleven song compilation put together for the Parisian fashion house Kitsune. The general feel of the compilation is disco pop. There are 4 songs on the compilation that I really like (Playgroup, Todd Edwards, Lacquer, and Fantastic Plastic Machine), one I really don't like (Gonzales), and six that have parts I love, but elements that keep me from placing them as favorites (usually the vocals).

    This compilation is relatively easy to find, not too expensive, and has all exclusive tracks. Though not crucial, it is a decent disc to buy if you love Playgroup or Fantastic Plastic Machine.

  • The Shangri-Las

    title:: Myrmidons of Melodrama
    label:: RPM

    The Shangri-Las represent one of the most exciting girl groups. Remember (Walkin' In The Sand), Leader of the Pack, Give Him A Great Big Kiss (with an alternate take too!), Out In The Streets, Train From Kansas City, I Can Never Go Home Anymore (ALL in stereo), Give Us Your Blessings, and Past, Present And Future are ALL incredible songs and have never sounded better.

    Hands down this RPM disc has the best sound I have ever heard from the Shangri-Las, and that is saying a lot. Taking the primitive recordings from the mid-1960s and upgrading them created a breathtaking listen.