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Felix Da Housecat 12inch coverCyberwhore is the first single from the long awaited followup album by Felix Da Housecat called Thee Courtship of Devin Dazzle due out in early 2004. It's also the first release on Felix's own label called Rude Photo. There is a vocal version and an instrumental version of Cyberwhore on the 12 inch single and I have to say I'm really loving this song - it is going to make that wait for the new album next year all the more excruciating. Luckily we were graced with an Aphrohead album earlier this year, so it has been a great year for Felix music.

Cyberwhore is a krautrock influenced rocker with a female cyborg styled lead vocal, crunching guitars and an ebb and flow we've gotten to know so well in Felix's songs. "Would you like for me to talk dirty to you?" she asks in a cold mechanical speak and spell voice, as the music drops out from under. "I am no.... Cyberwhore" she informs us by song's end.

I think Cyberwhore is a perfect followup to Felix's working with the likes of Miss Kittin in how it keeps her cold detached style, and it is almost making a comment on that style by having a robotic voice in her place. Equal parts Kraftwerkian detachment and catchiness akin to Delta 5's Mind Your Own Business (as siphoned by Chicks on Speed), Cyberwhore is that perfect combination of rocking beats, crunchy guitars and detached female vocals to make one melt on the dancefloor or in the bedroom.

---Patrick, September 23, 2003