gullbuy music review

September 23, 2003

  • Apparat

    title:: Duplex
    label:: Shitkatapult

    Apparat continue to mine the territory of broken and glitched electronics coupled with the organic and natural sounds of acoustic instruments on this full length album Duplex on the Shitkatapult label.

    Apparat, in fact is Sascha Ring, one of the men behind the Shitkatapult label, one of the greatest and most innovative labels in recent years which also houses artists such as Anders Ilar, Hakan Lidbo, Rechenzentrum, Kero and T. Raumschmiere. And while most of the artists on the label may over all be more consistent in their sound, Apparat is the one artist that goes out on a limb the most in his sound - at the same time that he attempts to appeal to a wider audience.

  • The Bran Flakes

    title:: Hey Won't Somebody Come and Play?
    label:: Happi Tyme Records

    The Bran Flakes are Otis Fodder and Mildred Pitt, from Seattle WA. This is their third record.

    The technique of the record's construction is revealed inside the CD booklet - Made entirely with two 486 computers, 200 megs of hard drive, a box of zip discs, sever turntables, boom boxes, cassette decks, and an answering machine. And about 3000 records and cassettes.

  • Darryl Blood

    title:: This Ain't Goodbye
    label:: Bluesanct Recording Corporation

    is Darryl's first CD under his own name. He also has a solo disc as Tiltmaster.

    'This Ain't Goodbye' has 8 songs and clocks in at 35 minutes. The first song reminds me of The Zombies and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. The overall feel of the disc reminds me of Paisley underground bands like Green On Red or Rain Parade. The words are filled with colorful imagery, and fit the tunes perfectly.

  • Felix Da Housecat

    title:: Cyberwhore
    label:: Rude Photo

    Cyberwhore is the first single from the long awaited followup album by Felix Da Housecat called Thee Courtship of Devin Dazzle due out in early 2004. It's also the first release on Felix's own label called Rude Photo.

    There is a vocal version and an instrumental version of Cyberwhore on the 12 inch single and I have to say I'm really loving this song - it is going to make that wait for the new album next year all the more excruciating. Luckily we were graced with an Aphrohead album earlier this year, so it has been a great year for Felix music.

  • Soft Pink Truth

    title:: Do You Party?
    label:: Soundslike

    The Soft Pink Truth's new album Do You Party? combines two 12 inch singles called The Soft Pink Truth and Promofunk with a few more songs to create a full length. If you missed those singles the first time around (as I did) don't fret they are all here.

    The Soft Pink Truth is in fact Drew Daniel from Matmos, which gives you some idea of what Do You Party? sounds like - but hold on, this is Drew Daniel's attempt at creating a tech house album along the lines of Akufen, Luomo or Thomas Brinkmann's Soul Center. The end results are some mighty grooves glitched to the max with a sense of humor throughout to keeps things fresh.

  • Teutonik Disaster

    various artists
    label:: Gomma

    "This series compiles Obscure German new wave funk, trashdisco and hobbyrock. Music recorded : 77 - 83; compiled by Munk" states the sleeve.

    Volume 1 is my favorite in this set. It has eighteen songs as compared to the second volume's ten. There are enough songs spread among these 2 discs to make you treasure them, and with repeated listenings maybe some of the tracks I don't mention may emerge as faves as well.