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Soft Pink Truth


Do You Party?




Soft Pink Truth CD coverThe Soft Pink Truth's new album Do You Party? combines two 12 inch singles called The Soft Pink Truth and Promofunk with a few more songs to create a full length. If you missed those singles the first time around (as I did) don't fret they are all here. The Soft Pink Truth is in fact Drew Daniel from Matmos, which gives you some idea of what Do You Party? sounds like - but hold on, this is Drew Daniel's attempt at creating a tech house album along the lines of Akufen, Luomo or Thomas Brinkmann's Soul Center. The end results are some mighty grooves glitched to the max with a sense of humor throughout to keeps things fresh. it might be too intelligent for the dance crowd and too dancey for the intelligent crowd, but I'm sure both crowds will at least give it a chance, meaning this album will have a good go 'round.

Everybody's Soft starts out the disc and is a great introduction to the album with a funky bass and a blur of samples. Gender Studies was a favorite of mine and sounds like Prince on crack when it combines all kinds of samples of soul singers saying lines about their "girls". Promo Funk sounds like an Akufen song with a steadier bassline - it's also somewhat cartoonish which makes it more fun.

Make Up is a Vanity 6 cover (written by Prince) and it's done up electro style here - and is another fave that is sure to be a hit thanks to the female lead electro vocals by Blevin Blectrum (sounding downright proper here as compared to her other vocal attempts). My last favorite song is Coat Check with its totally de-constructed male vocals combined with a low-fi house riff.

Soft Pink Missy and Big Booty Bitches (both great song titles) are cool with their repetitive bump riffs put through a blender. Soft Pink Missy has female vocals almost mutated beyond recognition, while Big Booty Bitches has male reggae styled vocals which bounce around in a dub mode.

Put this disc on when your parties are getting down and dirty - it's sure to keep the dancing fresh if your friends aren't boring old slags. If they are slags, give them the boot, because they are no friends of yours!

---Patrick, September 23, 2003