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Darryl Blood


This Isn't Goodbye


Bluesanct Recording Corporation


Darryl Blood CD cover'This Isn 't Goodbye' is Darryl's first CD under his own name. He had put out a solo disc as Tiltmaster, but now Darryl has the confidence and songs to break out under his own name.

Darryl Green used to play with me in the band Turkish Delight. Since that time Darryl has refined his love of Robyn Hitchcock and Donovan into his own sound, and 'This Ain 't Goodbye' has it for us all to hear. He also stared using his given name 'Blood.'

Right after 9/11 Darryl and his girlfriend moved to LA. A story I still tell is about him backing up the car with trailer that they had into the Brazilian embassy as they got lost in washington DC, hitting the fence and causing a major stir as the embassy guards thought they were under attack by terrorists.

Darryl has always been the nice guy that was misunderstood. From his attempts to lead his younger sisters into independence though the grrrl power noise band Kitty Power he formed with them, to his membership in the band Neptune - who play instruments welded together out of many odd objects - Darryl has always been as much filled with art as with music. His own illustrations were the highlight of many band flyers, and his subsequent studies in animation and love of children's books will bring new treats to us in the future.

For now, 'This Isn 't Goodbye' is a testament that Darryl gave to his friends in Boston, recording these songs with many guests before leaving town. The most constant partner Darryl used on the disc is Dave Nelson on drums. dave also played in Turkish Delight, and Dave and Darryl have been friends since well before that time. Jeff Goddard of Karate also figures prominently, with ace horn licks that bring my favorite song Happy Today to life. Jeff sounds like he did back when he played in the boston band The Lune. Darryl also has Gordon Withers, who used to play with Dave and Leah Callahan in Betwixt, on the disc. Betwixt briefly included Darryl in its ranks, and Darryl easily saw how well Gordon played cello in that band.

'This Isn 't Goodbye' has 8 songs and clocks in at 35 minutes. The first song is so excellent! Happy Today reminds me of The Zombies and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. I never knew Darryl could play piano so well! He also plays glockenspiel, bass, and guitar on the track besides singing.

Stool Pigeon is not a Vic Goddard & Subway Sect cover. It is my second favorite song on the disc. I really like the melody and the lyrics. The feel reminds me of Paisley underground bands like Green On Red or Rain Parade. The words are filled with colorful imagery, and fit in the tune perfectly. there is a Neil Young styled harmonica part that adds to the feel.

True Hearts continues a Neil Young feel, complete with an Everybody Knows this Is Nowhere backbeat. However, the downer feel of the song, as it describes being broke and not able to buy a birthday present for his girl, leaves me keying in the upbeat tracks on the disc.

The other song I love is Unsettling Sweet, which reminds me of the Australian 80s band The Died Pretty, and their song Out Of The Unknown, with its signature slide guitar part. Aside from Rain Parade's David Roback (who just picks up a guitar and leaks magic), The Died Pretty had my favorite electric guitar slide part ever. Darryl's work on Out Of The Unknown is right there with these greats.

All Confused, Moralities, and Deep, Dark Sun are down songs that I can't properly connect to. This Isn't Goodbye is not upbeat, but has a lot of spirit. it reminds me a bit of the Boston artist Don Lennon. Darryl get jazzy on the guitar solo, and gets all sentimental on the lyrics.

I am impressed with this disc, and glad to know Darryl. I hope we remain friends for life, and that he continues to create works of such emotional honesty.

---Carl, September 23, 2003