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Metropolis Present Day? Thee Album!




Metropolis Thee AlbumTwo weeks ago in the gullbuy I had the pleasure of reviewing Felix the Housecat's Rocketmann, a recording from a few years back that has just been released. 'Metropolis Present Day? 'Thee Album' is from 1995, about the same time as Rocketmann, but it has a fuller and more sophisticated sound in comparison to Felix's 'sci-fi soundtrack' creation.

The beats here have elements of house, techno and electronica, but it has an intelligence lacking in most club music. Many tracks here would be welcome on the dance floor, but there are a few smooth cuts that would work better for a chill out DJ. A majority of the soundscapes is extended mixes with throbbing beats that work well as a background atmosphere, but the album often bounces back with a unique selection with looped guitars or sampled vocals.

A few tracks to note: #5, 'B4 Wuz Then,' a perfect example to illustrate how this album will be embraced by those who want to relax, dance, or just want to listen to some inspiring electronic music, #7, 'Little Bloo', stands out because of its mellow acoustic guitar riff that sounds almost out of place for the beat-heavy Present Day, and #11, 'Thee Dawn,' a track with a building rhythm and subtle vocal sample which was a club hit in Europe.

The playful tone and catchy lyrics from 'Kittenz and Thee Glitz,' a very popular later recording by Felix, is almost non-existent here. 'Present Day' has a varied feel that walks the line between dance and thought-provoking electronic music. I can recommend 'Metropolis Present Day' to those interested in house or techno music created with some thought behind it.

---John Hutchinson, November 12, 2002