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August 13, 2002

  • The Afrika Korps

    The Afrika Korps

    CD / Live at Cantone's 1977 / Gulcher

    The Afrika Korps invades the sweat box Cantone’s stage and proceeds to bulldoze the slack- jawwed crowd with a droolworthy set of supercharged punk and garage rawk.
    [read more] ---Mach Bell

  • Alpinestars 77 Sunset Strip


    CD5 / 77 Sunset Strip / Faith & Hope

    The title track is an upbeat/synthy and simple romp with soft male vocals that is nothing if not an absolutely perfect pop song.
    [read more] ---Mike Tiernan

  • Alpinestars Interlaken


    CD5 / Interlaken / Faith & Hope

    The Alpinestars try on Interlaken to do the same thing they did on 77 Sunset Strip. They do not succeed as they did on 77 Sunset Strip.
    [read more] ---Mike Tiernan

  • Fly


    CD / Put the Needle Down and Fly / Elefant Records

    Carefully crafted tunes with strong bass lines and washes of keyboards. It truly is music that takes you on a journey. There isn't a bad track on this disc.
    [read more] ---George F. Kilgoar III

  • Big Kahuna Kicks 2

    Big Kahuna Kicks 2

    CD / various / Kahuna Cuts

    From the get go this compilation is full of some monster bass and rhythms, sounds and textures to either chill out or get a groove.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands

  • FlexiPop


    CD / various / Ideal Records

    The majority of the songs are nice slices of punky electropop, much more 'clash' than 'electro,' if you fancy today's terminology.
    [read more] ---Andrew Culler

  • Sonar 2002

    Sonar 2002

    2xCD / various / Sonarmusic

    While none of the tracks are unreleased, I doubt that anyone can listen to this comp without finding some new favorite by an artist you may have heard of, but never bought any records by.
    [read more] ---Carl