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Put the Needle Down and Fly




Fly Gary Ainge: drums
Marco Thomas: bass and keyboards
Martin Davies: keyboards

From the ashes of the early eighties band FELT now comes FLY. This is their first album, a collection of ten instrumentals that fit together brilliantly.

Martin Duffy, of FELT and now PRIMAL SCREAM, co-wrote three of the tracks and also guests on keyboards. Nods to classic German bands abound-as this music is nearly a homage to them-one can hear traces of everything from Kraftwerk (Autobahn) to Neu! (Hallogallo) on this disc.

Now you probably have a better idea of their sound-these are carefully crafted tunes with strong bass lines and washes of keyboards. It truly is music that takes you on a journey. There isn't a bad track on this disc-you can slip any of these tunes into a set and keep the crowd begging for more.

The track 'Chalet' has more of an Electro feel with its synth-chorus. Its so hard to recommend a few tracks off this disc because they all relate to each other and provide a very precise atmosphere of movement.

One other tune that stands out for me is 'Scandinavia' as it starts with rolling drums and bass with keyboards in the background. Lawrence, the singer and driving mind behind the band FELT, provides song and album titles. I'll end this review with a quote from Lawrence:

'FLY have honed a sound like no other. Driving would be the right word for this sound - like a trip taken around the new modern Europe in a flash brand new silver Mercedes equipped with the latest disc and CD excellence. You can't fault the precise streamlined effect as the 12 pieces of music permeate through your soul.'

Text written by Lawrence (FELT/DENIM/GO-KART MOZART) Lawrence's full review is on the elefant website.

Elefant discography: ER-1084 Put the needle down and fly CD 2002

Discography in other labels: - Motorway 4 track EP, 1998, 4M Records.

---George F. Kilgoar III, August 13, 2002