gullbuy music review

April 9, 2002

  • Bell CD


    Bell are Dan Crouch and Adrian Stephens. Nope; I've never heard of them either. But what I HAVE heard is this great CD 'Numbers'. The sound is very similar to the Bpitch Control band Smash TV. This is music that the robots of Servotron would listen to while lounging in an oil bath. Like Smash TV, this music does not sound like humans making robot music, it sounds like robots making robot music..
    ---Carl [read more]

  • Buff Medways single

    The Buff Medways

    Every time I put on a new Billy Childish release for the first time I wonder whether it will rip me off my seat with casual genius or lose me by sounding like a recording from a rehearsal in a garage. Lately The Buff Medways have been doing both, with genius recordings that sound like they ARE recorded in a rehearsal space.
    ---Carl [read more]

  • Camera Obscura CD

    Camera Obscura

    This is effortless pop with wispy vocals and balanced arrangements. If you like gently played tunes that stay in your head long after the disc is over, this is for you. They have subtle lyrical twists that remind you of nascent friendships and relationships, of people to stay away from, and that bring out your inner loner.
    ---Tina Glyptis [read more]

  • Ethiopiques Vol. 4 CD

    Ethiopiques Volume 4

    The cover photo shows Astaqué jamming with Duke Ellington (around 1972) when Ellington was exploring African music heavily and no question Duke who knew who to check in with. Having heard several other volumes in this series, highlighting very different music than this disc, it is becoming evident to me at least, that this series is well worth in depth investigation.
    ---Rob Forman [read more]

  • Outta Town Outer Space

    Outta' Town Outer Space

    Outta' Town Outer Space is a tribute to The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band with 6 covers versions of songs by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band performed by modern English pastoral psyche bands. The big name on the 10 is The Clientele, though all the artists put in pretty fine cuts.
    ---Carl [read more]

  • Phenomenological Boys CD

    The Phenomenological Boys

    With most of the provocative music of today progenating from a consciousness of the past, it always enthralling to be blown away by something from left field. The first three songs shift from game-show sounding sound-bites, lo-fi soul, to Raw Power riffage underneath dissonant electro-noodling in the 10+ minute mark.
    ---Donny [read more]

  • Replicant Rumba Rockers CD

    Replicant Rumba Rockers - A Rather Interesting Mix

    A Rather Interesting Mix is a remix project by Burnt Friedman (using an alias of sorts, the Replicant Rumba Rockers) of a bunch of aliases for Atom - including Señor Coconut, Erik Satin, Los Samplers, Midisport, Silver Sound, Dropshadow Disease, The Roger Tubesound Ensemble, and Ondas. I had high hopes for this disc and I hate to say it but I was pretty disappointed
    ---Patrick. [read more]