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The Phenomenological Boys


Melody, Melody, Melody, Melody, and more Melody




Phenomenological Boys With most of the provocative music of today progenating from a consciousness of the past, it always enthralling to be blown away by something from left field.

The latest Phenomenological Boys CD 'Melody, Melody, Melody, and More Melody', featuring Angela from Cambridge psych-noise haven Twisted Village, seduces with unpredictability and madness. The first three songs shift from game-show sounding sound-bites, lo-fi soul in 'He's So Dumb', and Raw Power riffage underneath dissonant electro-noodling in the 10+ minute 'It's So Bad/ I Can't Turn Around.' The rest of the album spastically evolves from the melodious (Everything's Got a Shade of Green) to the garbled (Let's Get Rid of RIchard) , and is ultimately anchored by the anthemic 'Anti-Beard Song.'

In this phenomenological world, banjo jams exist along vocoder singing. While so many bands rely upon a hook, a gimmick, or a look, the demented layers of the Phenomenological Boys feel impossible to get beneath.

---Donny, April 9, 2002