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April 2, 2002

  • Bungalow in love

    bungalow in: love

    3CD / various / Bungalow

    6 song promo only 3 CD sampler. There are killer tracks by Mina, Maxwell Implosion, LeHammond Inferno,and Stereo Total. There are songs I don't care forby Dauerfisch (whom I liked in the past) and by new Bungalow signing Olympic Lift.
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  • Faust


    CD / Freispiel / Klangbad

    Freispiel contains remixes of the Faust album Ravvivando by Dave Ball & Ingo Vauk, The Residents, Adriano Lani & Omar Sodano, Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones, Dax & Pieper, Dead Voices on Air, Funkstorung, Howie B., Kreidler, Sofa Surfers, Surgeon, and Trillian. I think each mix brings out an aspect of Faust, making it glaringly obvious even after all these years just how crucial Faust are to the modern sound of music.
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  • Heartbreakers

    The Heartbreakers

    CD / L.A.M.F the lost '77 mixes / Jungle Records

    Want to hear one of the bands that really influenced the original 'Walk among Us Misfits sound? Are you surprised that Johnny Thunder and The Heartbreakers are that band? You shouldn't be. Just listen to I Wanna Be Loved and you will hear everything we loved about early Misfits (minus SF lyrics). The cool thing about Heartbreakers is that they could effortlessly turn into a band which would influence The Only Ones on a track like It's Not Enough.
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  • Milky Wimpshake

    Milky Wimpshake

    CD / Lovers Not Fighters / Fortuna Pop!

    Milky Wimpshake's leader, ubiquitous Slampt Records founder Pete Dale gives us his world. While the subjects are nothing new: heartbreak, sex, and dating, there's something in Dale's delivery that gives Lovers not Fighters authenticity, honesty, without being overly confessional, self-consciousness that avoids self-contempt.
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  • Mu Chan Clan

    Mu Chan Clan

    7inch / Smash It With A Brick (English version) b-w Smash It With A Brick (Japanese) / Twins Of Evil

    Mu Chan Clan are a female vocal band with the energy of punk, but no guitars, bass, or drums. Mu Chan Clan play synthcore like Fat Truckers, National Bandit, or Mum & Dad. This single has two versions of Smash It With A Brick - one in English, one in Japanese. You could think of Mu Chan clan as Hi-Posi playing electropop instead of J-pop.
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  • Stereo Total

    Stereo Total

    CD5 / Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck / Bungalow/Virgin UK

    The art of putting together a CD5/12inch single is one of frustration for fans. In CD format the dreaded CD1 and CD2 sets plague fans with the need to buy 2 versions of a single for the one or two songs unique to each. Now that Stereo Total have international fame and have the power of Virgin Records behind them (Bungalow is a Virgin subsidiary now) you might expect that they would fall prey to such tricks. I am pleased to say that this CD5 and 12inch single does not.
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    7inch / Marti Gras! / GSL

    The latest rocking GSL single, Mardi Gras, featuring some kind of collaboration between Left Coast agit-noise rockers XBXRX and Quintron and Miss Pussycat, is mostly a tease. Just as the groove begins to intensify and the song begins to cook, they fade out. The B side especially left me wanting more.
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