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Faust Freispiel CD Freispiel contains remixes of the Faust album Ravvivando by Dave Ball & Ingo Vauk, The Residents, Adriano Lani & Omar Sodano, Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones, Dax & Pieper, Dead Voices on Air, Funkstorung, Howie B., Kreidler, Sofa Surfers, Surgeon, and Trillian. Since Faust are already a band with many layers to their sound, it is a no wonder there were quite a few artists ripe to get their hands on them for some remixing. I think each mix brings out an aspect of Faust, making it glaringly obvious even after all these years just how crucial Faust are to the modern sound of music. And while each artist also brings their unique view to each mix, each track inevitably still contains a strand of what Faust is, and what they are all about. I have not heard the original mix of the Ravvivando album, but I don't think you need to, to enjoy the different mixes included here.

1. Mathias Schaffhauser starts us out with pulsating motorik rhythms and a funky guitar melody overtop a repetitive bassline in what is a perfectly subdued use of dub echo every so often reminding me of PWOG. The end of the track is near when the kraftwerkian keyboards fade in.

2. The Gel: Dave Ball (Soft Cell) & Ingo Vauk mix (a single version of this was also added to the Gullbuy) starts out sounding like helicopters sputtering in the distance seen through the haze of heat pouring off of the tops of city buildings; suddenly a pulsating rhythm with a simple bassline gets things moving as another Peter Hook styled bassline layers on top augmenting the simplistic melody. Every so often the tune disappears and the helicopters are back rising, spewing dust and smog in their wake. With two and half minutes left, for a few moments we see one lone helicopter hovering quietly - until we hear the buzz of motorbikes underneath it and the chase is on again.

3. Sofa Surfers bring us a a funky mix of track 1 - centering more attention on funking the rhythm up, to the point of adding some scratching and some metal percussion. The bass gets modulated throughout; things pulsate but with more of an ebb and flow.

4. Surgeon bring a soundscape, with a scraping shifting mix. Eventually, after a brief female voice-over, a dub rhythm emerges out of the mists. Things again go out of focus with a little over a minute left as ambient sounds surround us with voices of chit chatting.

5. Funkstorung do an Autechre-styled mix.

6. Set at a moderate clip, Kreidler keep things simple on this mix. A steady drone builds up behind the repetitive beat while keyboard sounds augment the shifting rhythmic pastiche.

7. Beginning with bubbling water-like electronics, broken splats of sound dominate the Adriano Lani & Omar Sodano mix with a ferris wheel gone made styled keyboard being one of the few recurrent themes.

8. Trillian give us a quietly submerged dub mix with more of the circus gone mad feel - it's just everything is more steady thanks to the calming bassline in dub.

9. Howie B. gives us a quietly developing ambient mix.

10. There seems to be a theme of carousels going on here. The Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones mix is a nice trance inducing mix with all kinds of carousel styled keyboards put through pulsating modulations to fine effect, accompanied by a hiccupping rhythm.

11. The Residents mix starts out with an astronaut countdown, and continues with some crazed carousel-inpsired keyboards which eventually become more controlled when the rhythm and distorted keyboard becomes more prominent. There's extensive use of radio broadcasted voices throughout the mix.

12. Dax & Pieper use over-modulated drums and bass augmented by a trance-guitar to keep this one steady and tense. The guitar gets that extra nudge to send it over the top as the tension builds. Things change as soon as you hear a drum fill, only to build up again with the click clack rhythm and slowly mounting drum fills.

13. Dead Voices on Air end this Faust remix disc with a guitar- based mix with a heavy beat and descending cello runs. Slowly building up to a blissed out distorted guitar type ending, this is a fine end to an excellent mix disc.

---Patrick, April 2, 2002