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Marti Gras!




XBXRX single with Quintron and Miss PussycatThe latest rocking GSL single, Mardi Gras, featuring some kind of collaboration between Mobile Alabama agit-noise rockers XBXRX and Quintron and Miss Pussycat is high both on voltage and mystery. We're left to assume the Mardi Gras theme that dominates both sides of the seven inch burgeons from Quintron's New Orleans roots, but there's no information either which way. What we're left with is about six minutes of unfettered punk rock.

The A side favors XBXRX's manic pyrotechincs, with Quintron's power organ chords blending in somewhere in the background. The result is melody-less grind, reminiscent of a lot of the stuff released on this San Diego label (GSL).

The B side is lyrically coherent and catchier, as Miss Kitten's swooning is starkly reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Wendy O's grating, visceral delivery. The song is anchored by an emo bassline and the heavy rhythms of Quintron's drum buddy. This single is mostly a tease though. Just as the groove begins to intensify and the song begins to cook, they fade out. The B side especially left me wanting more.

---Donny, April 2, 2002