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April 7, 2006

Whipped Cream & Other Delights Re-Whipped

various artists covering Herb Alpert songs
label:: Shout Factory

a remix record that is unlike all other remix records. Instead of finding a collection of artists interpreting Herb Alpert classics, a complete record (Whipped Cream & Other Delights) is brought up to date in such a consistent manner that you cannot even tell that there are different artists providing the interpretations.

This is not a hop-hop tribute to Herb Alpert, or a molding of his work into a new genre: it is just a modern re-telling of a timeless classic - highly recomended!

Gommagang 3 / Isar Gold

various artists
label:: Gomma Records / Compost Records

Gommagang 3 and Isar Gold are compilations on established labels that have very different identities, yet both discs share a similar sound.

Both Gommagang 3 and Isar Gold are decent enough records, but neither is fantastic or worth going out of your way to hear.

Speaking My Mind: New Rubble Volume 2

various artists
label:: Radioactive Records

Volume 2 in the series spotlights obscure UK prog-psych from 1968 to 72, but really this is hard rock with some psych and prog elements thrown in.

There is a fresh quality to these obscure releases, but you really need to like hard rock to enjoy them.

Watch Your Step: New Rubble Volume 3

various artists
label:: Radioactive Records

Completely different territory than Volume 2, this time spotlighting British Beat singles released between 1964 to 1966.

Watch Your Step will appeal to those who are curious to dig further than the Rolling Stones, Animals, and Mersey beat type sounds emanating from Britain

Sunday International

title:: So Calm
label:: Future Butterfly

The first song on the 2-song CD is So Calm. It is unique to this single and is a first time release.

The second track, Hey, Hey You (which I want to believe is a play on Pink Floyd but can't confirm) is a more sparse sound. Where So Calm had dense and grainy layering Hey, Hey You has more room between the instruments.