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May 10, 2005

David Carretta

title:: Kill Your Radio
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

It was 5 long years between David Carretta's first album, Le Catalogue Electronique released on International Deejay Gigolo Records in 1999, and the release of his second album Kill Your Radio in late 2004.

A lot has happened in that time in the electronic music world, but luckily David Carretta has remained one of the consistent and reliable artists out there.

Chicks On Speed and the NoHeads

title:: Press the Spacebar
label:: Chicks On Speed Records

Press the Spacebar is the oddest Chicks On Speed record you've heard yet. But it works, and is way better than last year's 99 Cents LP. In fact, I like this record a lot. There are many memorable songs.

You could say the new Chicks On Speed sound is 'Chicks are my Co-Pilot', as the sound on this record is closer to the guitar based NYC no wave of God Is My Co-Pilot than it is to the Electroclash sound of past COS records.


title:: Dungen
label:: Subliminal Sounds

Dungen's latest release is their self-titled debut compiled with previously unreleased tracks. It is the ever popular "prequel".

The sound is Tangerine Dream, Gong and, the recently released Twink but never overly "prog". Flutes, guitars, piano and organ, heavy and sensitive at points, it is truly an enjoyable trip of smart "psych".


title:: Apertivo
label:: Gomma Records

Munk are a German punk/funk duo consisting of Mathias Modica & Jonas Imbery. Mathias also runs Gomma Records.

Aperitivo has guest appearances by many artists you may follow, but to use an analogy suggested by the title, it is not very filling. Only a few of the tracks provide any lasting impression.


title:: Any Minute Now (single)
label:: PIAS

Any Minute Now is the single from the Soulwax album of the same name. The other two tracks are exclusive to this single.

The Vote Whitey Mix of Any Minute Now is the reason to buy this CD5. Whitey is Nathan Whitey. He added "guitars, keyboards, drums, heavy breathing and a paper bag full of rice" to the song. Whatever it was, it turned a Queens of the Stoneage style metal song into a pretty fine mostly instrumental track.