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So Then!


Gomma Records


Headman 12inch coverUsing live drums, bass guitar and electronics, Headman plays instrumental electro-funk mutant disco punk-funk. That is, music with the sharpness of punk, but the 4/4 beat, percussion and sound effect embellishments, and move-your-body bass lines associated with first wave NYC disco.

Headman is the Swiss artist Robi Insinna. He has been releasing records for over 4 years. His music could be brought up when speaking of bands like Chicken Lips or Crazy Penis.

Headman is a sought after remix artist too. There are almost countless Headman mixes floating around on 12inch records. Robi also records more disco oriented tracks as Manhead for Trevor Jackson's Output Recordings label.

So Then! is a two track 12inch with two versions of the same track on it. Both versions have a bass riff that seems to be a distant cousin of The Knack's My Sharona, which was itself a distant cousin of many other catchy songs. The second version is a bit more percussive than the first, with bongos, more hi-hat action, and more incidental guitar. Both tracks are exclusive to this single.

---Carl, January 25, 2005