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Leroy Hanghofer


White Trash


Gomma Records


Leroy Hanghofer CD coverLeroy Hanghofer's White Trash is a highlight from the Gomma Records label, released in 2002. Leroy Hanghofer's releases are a side project for Munk and Gomma label creators Mathias Modica (originally from Italy) and Jonas Imbery (from Germany). Based out of Munich, these two have been releasing Leroy Hanghofer's music since 1998 (when the Leroy Hanghofer Pin album was released on Gomma). Leroy Hanghofer's White Trash came and went in 2002 and was a favorite all the way around with the great Leroy Hanghofer track Bathroomboogie being featured on everything from the Gommagang Zwei compilation on Gomma Records to the Optimo Live At West Runton Pavilion which was given away free at the Optimo club. There was even a 12 inch single a year later in 2003 for Bathroomboogie (with remixes and a b-side).

Not only does White Trash contain the now seminal Bathroomboogie (with its Eurotrash female vocal and rubber bassline) which starts the disc out, but there are also a number of other great tracks worth mentioning. Das Pi has an addictive electro backbeat for some tasty synths and rhythms that would make P-Funk proud. Traumerei changes things up with a C-86 styled female vocal, lightly strummed guitar and single finger keyboard melodies. Dumm 1 and Dumm 2 both have a driving 80s beat that has a stop/start mentality. And H-boy is like the minimal side of Bathroomboogie with its storyline recited by one of the Munk's girlfriends named Jenny as she sings "I'm losing myself in a white trash hell......"

---Patrick, January 25, 2005