gullbuy music review

January 25, 2005


title:: Fakten sind Terror
label:: NLW

Pop this CD in and it sounds like a typical New Wave record from the 80s, with cheesy Flock of Seagulls styled keyboards. But then the second song starts - Wow! Was this really recorded in 1981?

The bass line is as solid as any on the Playgroup record, and the German vocals snarl like Metal Urbain as keyboards appear to be squeezed all around them by swooshing effects. Then the guitar comes in and it is pure freakout. Now you are thinking more PIL than Playgroup. But really, you are thinking ExKurs.

Holly GoLightly

Slowly But Surely
label:: Damaged Goods

Holly Golightly has become one the most prolific artist to come out of the Billy Childish stable of talent - and since she's more likely then he to visit stateside to tour (she's done so at least 8 times) she may well become more well known than Billy.

Slowly But Surely is another great platter in her discography on Damaged Goods, but don't expect a rocking extravaganza. In fact, Slowly But Surely sounds like if Holly worked with members of Mazzy Star or Opal

Leroy Hanghofer

White Trash
label:: Gomma Records

White Trash is a highlight from the Gomma Records label, released in 2002. Leroy Hanghofer's releases are a side project for Munk and Gomma label creators Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery.

Not only does White Trash contain the now seminal Bathroomboogie (with its Eurotrash female vocal and rubber bassline) which starts the disc out, but there are also a number of other great tracks


So Then!
label:: Gomma Records

Using live drums, bass guitar and electronics, Headman plays instrumental electro-funk mutant disco punk-funk. That is, music with the sharpness of punk, but the 4/4 beat, percussion and sound effect embellishments, and move-your-body bass lines associated with first wave NYC disco.

Headman is the Swiss artist Robi Insinna. He has been releasing records for over 4 years. His music could be brought up when speaking of bands like Chicken Lips or Crazy Penis.


Czterdziesty Pierwszy
label:: S.P. Records

Kazik is a Polish underground icon who sang for Kult for years before branching off as a solo artist. His latest record Czterdziesty Pierwszy (translates to 41) is as grand an epic as The Ex ever attempted, though (for the most part) it is not as radical as The Ex.

The vocals are all in Polish, and I believe a lot of them are political. The sound of the vocals in intriguing - even without any knowledge of Polish you will enjoy many of these songs.