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F.U.N. Records

various artists CD

Zonk CD coverThis compilation compiles 13 tracks representing the goodness occurring at one of the best clubs in Berlin called F.U.N. Artists you might hear in the club are found here in an unmixed compilation including Italian X-Rays, Tiefschwarz (featuring Eric D. Clark), Black Strobe, DJ Oskar & Sebo K, Munk, DJ Naughty, Mocky, Turntablerocker, Hybrid Funk, Headman, Kaos and the Wild Guts, Profondo and the Capri Kids (featuring Liora).

Italian X-Rays start things out on a relaxed Duran Duran electro dub tip and The Art Of Joy. This is definitely one of the more single A-side tracks you will find here.

Tiefschwarz (which means deep black in German) show their love of deep house on their collaboration with Eric D. Clark called Blow which was originally released on Gigolo Records 12 inch single. Watching for the curses in the spoken intro, I think people will either love or hate this track dependent on what they think of the spoken/sung vocals by Eric D. Clark which give it a gothic overtone. But that kind of scrutiny will disappear as soon as this track is played for a full dancefloor.

Black Strobe offer up the b-side to their latest EP Chemical Sweet Girl. I for one have championed The Abwehr Disco with its distorted synthy bassline and mesmerizing goodness and it seems the people of F.U.N. have too.

Munk's Bionik Boogie! Baby adds some Iggy/David Bowie Berlin electronic adrenalin which eventually leads into a track that would fit nicely on the Teutonik Disaster compilations (where indeed Munk does appear).

Turntablerocker mine a sound that I have to admit usually isn't my bag, but they do it so well I couldn't help but appreciate their contribution in the tune I Heard You Were Dead. This track combines a breakbeat backbeat, dub effects and computerized vocals, so how could you go wrong? A great, funkier end track to break up the dancier tracks flow.

Headman are always a highlight of any collection they appear on, and Freedom Drums is no exception. Simple synth and bassline melodies meet solid rhythms and dubbed out production for a true highlight of the set.

---Patrick, November 2, 2004