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November 2, 2004


title:: Chewing Gum
label:: 679 Records

Annie is Annie Lilia Berge Strand, an artist from Norway that had a megahit in underground circles in 2002 with her song Greatest Hit.

The song uses an electronic disco sound and is very catchy. Some people say she sounds like Kylie Minogue, but I don't listen to her so I can't say whether that is true. I do know that I enjoy this single

Le Professeur Inlassable

title:: Lecon No. 1
label:: Ici d'Ailleurs

On the same label as Fugu and Julien Ribot, Le Professeur Inlassable is a French artist with aesthetics and some elements of sound that remind me of a more mainstream version of 90s San Francisco duo Crawling With Tarts.

Le Professeur Inlassable uses samples to create a music which has touches of the 1930s, the sound of Asia, or a hint of Exotica such as Martin Denny produced.


various artists
label:: F.U.N. Records

This compilation compiles 13 tracks representing the goodness occurring at one of the best clubs in Berlin called F.U.N.

Artists you might hear in the club are found here in an unmixed compilation including Italian X-Rays, Tiefschwarz (featuring Eric D. Clark), Black Strobe, DJ Oskar & Sebo K, Munk, DJ Naughty, Mocky, Turntablerocker, Hybrid Funk, Headman, Kaos and the Wild Guts, Profondo and the Capri Kids (featuring Liora).

Bobby Orlando

title:: So Hot For You
label:: Megahorn Records

Bobby Orlando was an early 80s Hi-NRG producer based in NYC that pioneered a post-disco sound that kept the dance beat, but left the orchestras in the Musician's Union hall. He kept the music minimal and replaced the strings with a dirty synth grounded by electronic drums and hand held percussion.

Electroclash domain name owner Larry Tee wrote Native love for Divine, but it was Bobby O that produced the track and did the music. Bringing up the Larry Tee name, it is interesting to note that many of the tracks on So Hot For You could have been released in 2002 as Electroclash tracks without a second look.