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Le Professeur Inlassable


Lecon No. 1


Ici d'Ailleurs


Le Professeur Inlassable CD coverOn the same label as Fugu and Julien Ribot, Le Professeur Inlassable is a French artist with aesthetics and some elements of sound that remind me of a more mainstream version of 90s San Francisco duo Crawling With Tarts.

We have heard a member of Matmos do a dance side-project (Soft Pink Truth), but imagine Matmos as a pop band and you are somewhat close to the sound of Le Professeur Inlassable.

Le Professeur Inlassable uses samples to create a music which has touches of the 1930s, the sound of Asia, or a hint of Exotica such as Martin Denny produced.

The opening track Far too much for a popular public has vocals that will remind you of Tom Waits. The following song, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..., has a child counting as vocal, with a J-pop styled sound. Dream Book is based on a narration, and will remind you of a William Borroughs monologue, of even of the Divine Comedy song The Booklovers.

When I first heard this record I thought "this is exactly the type of disc that makes me love doing the gullbuy." I had never heard of the artist, and would never have been exposed to his music if not for the gullbuy. After many listenings in preparation for this review, I can't say that this disc has hooked me, but I can say that it is a very well crafted disc with odd songs. This artist has an individual vision and has put a lot of love into the excellent execution of his ideas on this disc.

---Carl, November 2, 2004