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Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck: Damian Lazarus


Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck: Damian Lazarus



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Damian Lazarus CD coverThe Resist label is a new label that sprung from the ashes of the React label, the original label that released Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smagghe and they have since released two more Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck compilations including this one and the A Bugged Out Mix By Erol Alkan.

This compilation continues with the goodness Damian Lazarus had going on the Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Futurism Session One by mixing some big names in with some Crosstown Rebel artists:

  • Pier Bucci's Polaris, from the Cinetico Andino 12 inch which had Bucci collaborating with Argenis Britto from Senor Coconut and Jay Haze from Contexterrior and Musik Krause but not on this track
  • the little known Rayon - who have one 12 inch on Crosstown Rebels called The Panther
  • the collaborative 12 inch on Crosstown Rebels from Matt Tolfrey (Crosstown Rebels manager, who also his own label Leftroom and his radio show and Craig Sylvester called The Horn - a track that also appeared on Resist Music's Slam - Nightdrive with the likes of Carl Craig, Luciano, Dominik Eulberg, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Black Strobe, Model 500,The Hacker and David Carretta

But it's the big name artists which keep the compilation on track, because the Crosstown Rebel artists tend to sound like wannabes.

The mix starts out strong with the cool buildup of synths from Break 3000's (aka Peter Gijselaers, who also has a remix of Jorge Gebauhr's Are You Talking To Me on the Trapez label's Triple R - Selection 3 compilation) Flash 1.

This is a great moody introduction that leads right into the James Holden dubby, fleshy remix of System 7's (Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy) Planet 7 - Holden also appears later in the mix with his own Lump, which acts as part of the cooling down for the ending tracks of the mix.

Following Planet 7, we then hear the Ricardo Villalobos remix of Thomas Dolby's One Of Our Submarines originally from the 1982 album The Golden Age of Wireless. This is the first time vocals come into the mix and it continues with the ominous overtones of the preceding tracks perfectly, with Dolby's vocal style that is a cross between David Bowie and Peter Gabriel.

Pier Bucci from Santiago, Chile has released the Skip & Chord 12 inch on WMF Recs with his brother Andres Bucci and is a member of Mambotur with Argenis Brito who released on Multicolor Recordings. Bucci's Polaris brings some lightness to the mix at this point with this tech dubby vocal track from his Cinetico Andino 12 inch on Crosstown Rebels.

It soon migrates into the harder and tense track with the Max Fresh remix of Get On Downz by Switch (Trevor Loveys & David Taylor). At this point the dancefloor is beginning to fill up as folks indeed get on down.

Phonique's The Red Dress (Tiefschwarz Remix) appeared on Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck - Ivan Smagghe and Tiefschwarz's Misch Masch collection - and Where The Party's At appeared on Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Futurism Session One, so we've heard Phonique in a Damian Lazarus mix before.

Get On Downz acts merely as an introduction really for Phonique's (aka Michael Vater) 99 & A Half, which has been remixed by I:Cube (aka Nicolas Chaix) and features Alexander East. Get On Downz showed potential for the mix but 99 & A Half feels like a bit of a letdown.

George Issakidis used to be in The Micronauts, and his track Into Your Life is remixed by Midnight Mike (aka Mike Sonovac from Sonovac) whose tracks Round And Around has appeared on Electric Pop and Electro Kills, and Necro Dance on Kitsuné Midnight. Midnight Mike has also remixed Playgroup's Make It Happen, Coloursound's Fly With Me on City Rockers Present Futurism 2, and B.W.H.'s Stop with Nathan Wilkins on Ivan Smagghe Presents Death Disco.

It definitely gets the mix moving better than the previous Phonique track, with moaning, echoed male vocals, a throbbing dancefloor bass sound and mutilated female soul vocals.

Then comes Freaks. Freaks are Justin Harris & Luke Solomon who run the label Music For Freaks, the label that released the Bad Acid compilation. The Tweekers Extended 12 inch Disco Mix was released on the Wash House label (another label run by Luke Solomon) which is a label especially for releasing Freaks releases. It definitely sounds like a couple of guys who own a label fooling around so keep that in mind. It wasn't one of my favorites, but it is fun. There's a female soulful vocal, and I'm not sure who the singer is, but it gets a little over the top.

Rayon have one 12 inch called The Panther on the Rebelone label, a sub-label of Crosstown Rebels which has only released 12 inch singles thus far. The Panther definitely works us out of the jam created by the over the top Freaks track, but it also seems by the numbers electronic music.

Trentemøller (aka Anders Trentemøller) has Le Champagne and Work In Progress on Naked Music Presents Lost On Arrival. The Panther move seamlessly into this hot sounding track called Physical Fraction and it really gets the mix going in a way that The Panther couldn't.

Not nearly as hot as the Trentemøller track that precedes it, but better than the other Crosstown Rebels related track that was right before that, The Horn was originally released as a Crosstown Rebels 12 inch release from Matt Tolfrey and Craig Sylvester. It's got a deep funky bass, and some squealing electronics but doesn't seem that elaborate or innovative enough.

Audioperú (aka Rudie Martínez) from Peru is up next with the stellar Viviendas Paraiso, which has some sweet electronics poking out at your ribs as it motors along with ever changing rhythms and synths.

Alter Ego (Roman Flügel & Jörn Elling Wuttke) definitely have a great big sound, and with the help of a Ewan Pearson Slow NRG edit (who has also remixed Playgroup's Make It Happen, and remixed The Flaws's Freek on The Disco-Tech Of... DJ Cosmo and Goldfrapp's Train, Alter Ego's Beat The Bush sends the compilation squealing into high gear with motor bass and high pitched electronics. Alter Ego also have their track Rocker originally released on the Klang Elektronik label appearing on A Bugged Out Mix By Erol Alkan and Electric Pop 3, and Beat The Bush has appeared on Freeform Five's Misch Masch (in a Freeform mix).

James Holden returns with his track called Lump - an exclusive track for this mix - and with it is a big change in gears as we head into the end of this mix. And it's actually a pretty sweet track that does a lot in its 2 and half minute length with distorto tweaks and wordless vocals - making me wonder if there's more to this man and this track.

A nice touch is plopping The Stranglers' Love 30 up next, since it was originally an obscure b-side to their Golden Brown single from 1982. It's not a weird dj mix, just a cool dubby track with echoed vocals and that awesome Stranglers' bass sound.

Ending the compilation is the M83 track Don't Save Us From The Flames originally from Before the Dawn Heals Us, remixed by Superpitcher (aka Aksel Schaufler). Superpitcher have been all over the place with their Today compilation on Kompakt, their remix of Tocotronic's Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegenand from Kompakt Total 6, and their remix of Quarks' I Walk from Ivan Smagghe presents Death Disco. Everything they touch gets the Superpitcher touch, and their remix of M83's Don't Save Us From The Flames continues the poppy bent started with the The Stranglers' Love 30, showing that there is some light before the dawn.

---Carl, November 8, 2005