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Matias Aguayo


Are You Really Lost




Matias Aguayo CD coverMatias Aguayo was half of the duo Closer Musik, whose After Love record was one of the highlights of 2002.

Are You Really Lost is his first solo record. The distinct sound of his voice is here, but the focus is on the music, not his voice.

De Papel has him sounding slightly sleazy.

Well has him singing like Arto Lindsay in his laid back Brazilian mode. Even though fully electronic, Well has a post-punk feel layered on the bright beat.

There are two instrumentals on the disc. Radiotaxi is an incredible track. It may be tied with New Life as your favorite track. Radiotaxi doesn't need vocals - the sounds are engaging and the structure holds your attention for all of its length. Drums & Feathers has a quick insistent beat that would make it good driving music, though it is not as special as Radiotaxi. The sameness of the beat and the sounds throughout the track make it seem a little too long for its 5:30 length.

The three best vocal tracks appear one right after the other in the middle of the disc. New Life has a treated vocal that gives it a cool T Rex Slider feel. If you play this track for someone, they will want to buy this record without a doubt. The music is just as perfect as the vocal - there are oscillations like in Kraftwerk's The Robot, and compressed synth that sounds like a race car in a cheap video game.

Green & the Red sounds the most like a Closer Musik track, particularly in the way Matias sings on the track. The spare acoustic guitar in the track once again may remind you of Arto Lindsay. The beat is asymmetric and slightly off-kilter in an interesting way.

The title song Are You Really Lost has backing vocals and drum that make you think of Talking Heads I Zimbra, even as the keyboard melody plays the melody of B52's Planet Claire.

Are You Really Lost is a standout album on a label known for setting the cutting edge standard in electronic tracks with dance beats. Sometimes full length albums by single artists on Kompakt are more ethereal and laid back than the artist's work on 12inch singles. Are You Really Lost has a kick to it, and is a good record all the way through.

---Carl, November 8, 2005