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November 8, 2005

Matias Aguayo

title:: Are You Really Lost
label:: Kompakt

Matias Aguayo was half of the duo Closer Musik, whose After Love record was one of the highlights of 2002.

Are You Really Lost is his first solo record. The distinct sound of his voice is here, but the focus is on the music, not his voice.

Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck: Damian Lazarus

various artists
label:: Resist

The Resist label is a new label that sprung from the ashes of the React label, the original label that released Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smagghe

This compilation continues with the goodness Damian Lazarus had going on the Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Futurism Session One by mixing some big names in with some Crosstown Rebel artists

Bruce Foxton

title:: Touch Sensitive
label:: Cherry Red

Bruce Foxton was the bassist of The Jam. Touch Sensitive came out in 1984 shortly after the breakup of The Jam. It was Bruce's first and only solo album.

The record has dense production with lots of peripheral embellishments on almost every track: enough reverb for a Wah! record, lots of backing vocalists, perky brass and layers upon layers of instrumentation.

Free Design

title:: Sing For Very Important People
label:: Light in the Attic

By the time of their 5th album, The Free Design were plugging away with nary a hit under their belts, but with some super fine albums they could be proud of, since they were consistently releasing the cream of the crop when it came to the sunshine pop.

In 1970, the group were inspired by the children's album Peter, Paul and Mommy released by Peter, Paul & Mary in 1969, and the fact that the Dedricks were themselves parents, which led the group to release this children's album.