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Bugged Out! presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smagghe


Bugged Out! presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smagghe


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Girls Go Zonk CD coverIvan Smagghe is the DJ that hosts the Kill the DJ and Pulp nights in Paris, records as Black Strobe, and is half of Volga Select.

Many folks call him the best DJ on the planet now. This is his third mix compilation. his first was Hard, released early in 2002 on the Paris label Chronowax. Subtitled 'Immediate music programmed by Ivan Smagge,' Hard was a really strong compilation with music of the moment that not many people heard.

His second mix comp was much higher profile. Ivan Smagghe presents Death Disco come out late 2003 on the highly regarded Belgian label Eskimo Records.

Bugged Out! presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smagghe is a much different affair than his other mix compilations. Where the first 2 comps and the stuff he has released as Black Strobe could easily be cut into the electroclash deck, this comp could best be described as techno, kind of like Electric Indigo did on her mix comp.

Ivan smagghe messes with the songs he uses, at least that's what it sounds like on the zombie Nation track, where the keyboard rif sound enevenly bent and tweaked while the track plays. Some of the songs have vocals, but the overall feel is hard danclefloor techno.

My favorite track would be Moskow Reise, which gets a Black Strobe mix. It has an italodisco beat, but no happy cheesiness - just a coldwave pounding beat.

In the end, I'm not crazy for this disc.

---Carl, June 1, 2004