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Electric Indigo


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Scissor Sisters CD5 coverElectric Indigo is a female DJ / musician from Vienna who created the female pressure database of women DJ's from all over the world. She also runs a record label called Indigo:inc.

She DJs at many places, and records 12inchs and mix compilations as well. On 'Electric Indigo' she plays new beat styled techno which she transforms into sharp edged sounds.

She also contributed one of the two CDs in the 'Female Pressure presents Acid Maria & Electric Indigo' CD on True People Records.

In 1999 she won the Big Brother Award in Austria. Many of her accomplishments are mentioned there, as well as her love of the 808.

The mix starts out with the most song-oriented track in the set. Barbara Morgenstern put warmth into Smash TV in the mix she did for their 'Nobody' 12inch. She brings a Sly Stone feel to the track with the dual male/female vocals.

From that point on you start to feel like you are on an electronic Slip'n Slide children's water game, where you run faster than you should before diving onto a water soaked runway laid on a slope, usually sliding off it onto the grass and getting slightly messed up.

Electric Indigo does more work with the tracks she uses than just about anyone else I can think of. This CD works best if you let it play for a series of songs as opposed to choosing a single track to check out.

My favorite segment is tracks 17 through 20. It is outstanding. There are race car sounds, vocals, totally upbeat synth lines, and a flow that keeps it from getting stale for even a minute. I also like tracks 7, 10,13 and 21. Track 21 gets moody with some nice vibraphone work that reminds me of the Yonderboi version of The Doors Riders on the Storm.

I have enjoyed the New Beat compilations the Glimmer Twins did for Eskimo Recordings (Serie Noire and Serie Noire 2) and the 'Aktion Mekanik' comp that Terrence Fixmer did for Music Man Records, but as a constant flowing whole, none of them can match the package Electric Indigo has put together here.

---Carl, May 4, 2004