gullbuy music review

May 4, 2004

ADULT. / Tamion

title:: T & A
label:: Ersatz Audio

This single is the first in a series of split singles ADULT. will be doing with bands they are friends with. The two songs on this single have a similar sound, and are both short vocal tracks with abrasive riffs and rough production.

The new ADULT. track shows the same rocking side of ADULT. as their last record 'Anxiety Always' did.

The Aerovons

title:: Resurrection
label:: RPM

A group of young anglophiles, The Aerovons played a perfect blend of 60s Brit pop inspired music which helped them secure the deal which brought some of their dreams come true.

While only 2 singles were the end results, and the entire Resurrection album was shelved at the last minute by their record label, RPM has seen fit to finally release the entire album, along with the released singles and unheard demos.

Ellen Allien

title:: Astral
label:: Bpitch control

'Astral' is the first completely new material Ellen Allien has released since her 'Berlinette' record. The big surprise for fans is that all three tracks are instrumentals.

I like the fact that Ellen Allien is showcasing her music, as opposed to the vocal tracks which so many people love her for.

Electric Indigo

various artists
label:: Human

Electric Indigo is a female DJ / musician from Vienna who created the female pressure database of women DJ's from all over the world.

Electric Indigo does more work with the tracks she uses than just about anyone else I can think of. This CD works best if you let it play for a series of songs as opposed to choosing a single track to check out.

Velvet Tinmine

various artists
label:: RPM

Rare and obscure glam singles from the early 70s

Digging deeper than most of us knew even existed, beyond the basic glam of T. Rex, David Bowie, Gary Glitter, and Roxy Music, RPM has dug up bands like Iron Virgin, Bearded Lady, Staveley Makepeace, Tartan Horde (featuring Nick Lowe and Rat Scabies), Plod, Fancy (featuring Alan Hawkshaw), Hello, Warwick, The Damned (not the late 70s punk outfit), Sisters, Flame, Arrows, Crunch, Simon Turner (in his youth), Brett Smiley, Ricki Wilde, Shakane, Washington Flyers, Big Wheel, and Tubthumper.