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Adult. / Tamion 12 Inch


T & A.


Erstaz Audio


ADULT. / Tamion 7inch coverSpecial numbered edition of 2000. Wow! That says a lot about ADULT. already! All the bands I know would be thrilled to require a second pressing of a 1000 copy run. Yet ADULT. and the label they run have worked the grass roots among music fans so well that 2000 copies is a limited edition.

This single is the first in a series of split singles ADULT. will be doing with bands they are friends with. I think it is a great idea. They will introduce us to new bands, and have a more immediate vehicle for getting out new songs of their own to us.

The two songs on this single have a similar sound, and are both short vocal tracks with abrasive riffs and rough production. Not Billy Childish rough, but rough by standards set in 'Hand To Phone remixes,' lets say. Both songs kick.

Tamion are a hot band which released a 12inch on Ersatz Audio a couple of years ago. I always thought they were like a younger ADULT. The two bands even toured together last year. Tamion is now called Tamion 12 Inch.

ADULT. has the song Feelin' (I've Gotta) on this single. The band is a duo consisting of Nicola Kuperus & Adam Lee Miller. This song is exclusive to the single, yet is has a familiar sound. It shows the same rocking side of ADULT. as their last record 'Anxiety Always' did.

The Tamion 12 Inch song Paper. Airplane (Disaster Relief) reminds me of the Atlanta band Pineal Ventana, whose vocalist Clara Clamp has been writing intense lyrics with wild imagery for years. Tamion 12 Inch have a new 12inch on Ersatz Audio that I look forward to hearing.

---Carl, May 4, 2004