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Gooom Tracks Vol. 2


Gooom Tracks Vol. 2


Gooom Disques

various artists CD

Gooom Tracks Vol. 2 CD coverThis compilation is French Label Gooom Disques 29th release. It is a good mixture of contemporary French electronica. The production is in the mid-range, and therefore more accessible to a broader audience.

This compilation should be embraced by all who love decent IDM that is found on some releases by labels like Morr, Fat Cat, and Kompakt. Some tracks border on a more electronic hip-hop sound (Atoms Family), but for the most part the disc showcases quiet, poppy sounds with few vocals.

It starts with a sole folky acoustic track by Cyann & Ben. The rest of the disc has different artists either collaborating or remixing each others' songs. My favorite tracks are the more minimal, slower tracks, the ones by Purple Confusion, Bertuf and Villeneuve, because they seem to take one on a journey.

None of the tracks are excessively long on this disc, each lasts long enough for the listener to get a feel for the artist before it fades away.

What is striking about this compilation is that it works as a whole. There is a kind of cohesive vision that permeates this disc. All the tracks are rather melodic, and they certainly seem to have a similar sound.

Gooom Disques stable is a group of young laptop artists who are consciously going for a poppy sound. This disc is not as experimental as I would have hoped, no new ground is broken here. However, with an execution this smooth, it is easy to sit back, listen to the annual report of a young label, and be seduced.

---George Kilgoar III, August 17, 2004