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August 17, 2004

Black Strobe

title:: Chemical Sweet Girl EP
label:: Output Recordings

This EP is a great way to hear the first three singles Black Strobe has released on Output Recordings since 2000.

Not only does this EP include the latest Black Strobe single Chemical Sweet Girl (and its b-side The Abwehr Disco), but they've seen fit to include both Me and Madonna and Innerstrings along with b-sides and 2 exclusive mixes. Clocking in at 42 minutes, this is a sizable EP full of Black Strobe goodness.


title:: The Magician
label:: Domino Records

The Magician, a 3 track single from the forthcoming Winchester Cathedral by Clinic carries on their strange pop musings.

The best thing about this single is that for its brevity, they had enough space for all of their big ideas. As disparate as these 3 tracks are, they’re all worth your time.

Gooom Tracks Vol. 2

various artists
label:: Gooom Disques

This compilation is French Label Gooom Disques 29th release. It is a good mixture of contemporary French electronica. The production is in the mid-range, and therefore more accessible to a broader audience.

This compilation should be embraced by all who love decent IDM that is found on some releases by labels like Morr, Fat Cat, and Kompakt.


various artists
label:: WMF Recs

From the label that brought us a variety of exciting DJ mix cds like OceanClub, Native Lab and the Nighteffect series, WMF Records offers up an interesting snapshot from their vinyl catalog on their very first label spotlight compilation.

All of these 12 inch singles featured were released between 1999 and 2003, and while these artists were also often featured on the WMF DJ mix discs, it's nice to hear them un-mixed as if they are fresh 12 inch singles spinning on the turntable.


title:: Homesleep Singles Club 10
label:: Homesleep Records

One of the strangest, if not shortest cd singles in rock history. The 10th release in the Homesleep Singles Club from the Italian label Homesleep by Quickspace clocks in at 4 minutes and 51 seconds with 2 songs (each around 2 and a half minutes long).

I guess some of these mail order only singles have finally straggled there way into stores.

Starlight Desperation

title:: Violate A Sundae
label:: Cold Sweat Records

The Starlite Desperation’s cleverly titled 6 song EP Violate a Sundae is their first new release since 1999’s Go Kill Mice.

They've set their amps to 11 and their engines are all revved up.