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Gooom Tracks 2.5


Gooom Tracks 2.5


Gooom Disques

various artists CD

Gooom Tracks 2.5 CD coverFrench label Gooom Disques latest compilation plays like an addendum to Gooom Tracks Vol. 2.

It is a selection of 6 songs plus one long track (comprising half the disc) that didn’t make it on to the prior compilation. All of the artists on this disc are in or associated with the label.

The sound here is centered on chunky, laptop based electronica with cut-up vocals and distortion. Each track almost flows into each other as a similar range of ideas are played with. This disc is a bit more experimental than its predecessor.

  1. VILLENEUVE feat. M83 - Look at Me
    pure electro-pop excellence-- I cannot wait for her album!
  2. GEL - Les Nerfs (Remixed by ABSTRACKT KEAL AGRAM)
    more like abstract hip-hop
  3. STEVE & ROB - Wallis & Futuna (Remixed by MACHINEDRUM)
    Processed vocal beginning that sounds kind of jazzy similar something off the AKIRA soundtrack (esp. the scene in the nursery). Again kind of like slow abstract hip-hop.
  4. M83 - Night (Remixed by ISAN)
    playing a tinny melody along with fake trumpet -- changes the song entirely into basic IDM.
  5. CYANN & BEN - The Last Angels (Remixed by MONTAG)
    cut up female vocals - adds an electronic dimension to a plain folk track, sounds like a walk in the woods.
  6. OBSCURE CELEBRITIES - Everest (Neue Mischung Von KG)
    Ominous dark electronica that builds to a smooth finish.
  7. GEL - eVidenZ (Remixed by CLASS OF 69)
    GEL also records under the name dorine_muraille for the Fat Cat label. There are no vocal samples on this track, just minimal electronica with a metronome sounding backbeat. This is one of the more experimental tracks on this disc-- it comprises the final 30 minutes of it. His track appears to end after 18 minutes, at this point the track gets quiet until the 21st minute where a pop song emerges out of nowhere with full female vocals. This is typical of Gooom releases, they always have an extended track on their EPs with an extra uncredited track at the end.

---George Kilgoar III, August 24, 2004