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August 24, 2004


various artists
label:: Universal France

Cinemix is a remix album themed around late 60s and early 70s French TV and film soundtrack music remixed by current French, Japanese, English, Brazilian, Austrian and American electronic artists.

Don't worry about multiple versions of songs - each version is drastically different and all mixes only use the source material as a strating point for their own thing.


title:: Dempsey
label:: Output Recordings

It's an odd debut album when you come down to it. Split into two cds (titled Sunrise and Sunset, respectively) each disc clocks in at around 20 minutes a pop which led me to wonder at first if it was really a collection of 2 eps.

The two discs also have Dempsey leadman Geoff Mcintyre working with Kieran Hebden (from Fourtet and Fridge) on the Sunrise disc, and Trevor Jackson (from Playgroup and Output) on the Sunset disc - with help also from Fridge members Sam Jeffers on drums and Adam Ilhan on bass.

Gooom Tracks 2.5

various artists
label:: Gooom Disques

French label Gooom Disques latest compilation plays like an addendum to Gooom Tracks Vol. 2.

The sound here is centered on chunky, laptop based electronica with cut-up vocals and distortion. Each track almost flows into each other as a similar range of ideas are played with. This disc is a bit more experimental than its predecessor.

It Takes Two

various artists
label:: RPM Records

Surprisingly, there haven't been any compilations dedicated to soul duets from the 1960s, so the fine folks at RPM Records from the UK did a fine job rectifying that in 2000 with It Takes Two: 23 Prime Cuts of Classic 60s Soul and R&B Duets.

Rather than spotlight a lot of the known soul duos like Sam & Dave or Ike & Tina Turner, RPM has decided to dig up a bunch of collectible duets and I have to say that was a great idea. Not only does this compilation hold many surprises, it will definitely please the curious.