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Cinemix CD coverCinemix is a remix album themed around late 60s and early 70s French TV and film soundtrack music remixed by current French, Japanese, English, Brazilian, Austrian and American electronic artists.

I bought this for the Sofa Surfers track and for the Carl Craig mix, as I enjoyed his Cesaria Evora mix so much on the Club Sodade CD.

Don't worry about multiple versions of songs - each version is drastically different and all mixes only use the source material as a strating point for their own thing.

  1. Sporto Kantes - Pierrot Le Fou
    Sounds like Sofa surfers on their last record, with male vocals throwing out urban verse.
  2. Readymate FC - Sans Mobile Apparent
    I'd swear it was a yelp by Lizzy Mercier Descloux sampled for this track, except that Japanese artists Readymade FC are usually hyper and well capable of finding a yelp closer to home. I like this track.
  3. Troublemakers - L'Homme Orchestre
    Sounds like prog rock to me, not one of my favorite tracks.
  4. Rubin Steiner - L'Homme Orchestra
    Lightweight pop with organ, kind of like Mellow or Phoenix during instrumentals.
  5. Gonzales & Taylor Savvy - Dernier Domicelle Connu La Mer est Grande L'Homme Orchestre
    The song starts off all cellos and strings, like Rasputina, but changes halfway into a strange vocal track with parts that sound like pirates, and parts that sound like swamp rock. The track ends with an orchestral sample that sounds like ELO but is probably the original track this mix is based on.
  6. Luke Vibert - L'Homme Orchestre
    Electronic lounge like Tipsy or early Seelenleft, with lots of wordless vocals
  7. Mocky - Trafic
    Electronic pop with a fifths synth part straight out of the electroclash songbook. The vocals sound like Gonzales. An OK track but not one of my faves.
  8. DJ Patife - Compartiment Tueurs
    May be my favorite track on the comp. From the first note I was thinking of Elektrotwist or Messer Chups. At the 2 minute mark the song stops and winds up again, with the crime show soundtrack guitar and swinging beat.
  9. Zzouf - Trafic
    Using the movie dialog "look into my eyes - can you hear what I think?" as a repeated motif, this track reminds me a bit of Depth Charge (J. Saul Kane).
  10. Sofa Surfers - La Horse
    La Horse finds the Surfers a lot less languid than usual, and I like it! Their last record was plagued by guest vocalists, so I particularly enjoyed this thrill ride.
  11. Howie B - La Horse
    Hard to believe this is the same song the Sofa Surfers cover, so different is Howie B's take on it. A modern shoegazer feel to it, like M83 or Uter.
  12. Swayzak - Fantomas
    The first track that tries to put a dance beat on the proceedings. A friend who as a child loved the film this was taken from could not recognize any elements of the film in this version, though she admitted it had been a long time since she saw it.
  13. Carl Craig - La Mer est Grande
    Detroit techno king Carl Craig does a really fine mix of this track without losing the original's special feel.
  14. Christian Morgenstern - Le Cercle Rouge
    Female vocal track that is a real treat at the beginning and the end, but a little dramatic (like Princess Him) in the middle.
  15. Twitch - Dernier Domicelle Connu
    Rap, which I never have liked and don't really like here.
  16. Nicolas Repac - Dernier Domicelle Connu
    Moody, with saxophone that makes it sound like something Bowie would have done on side 2 of Low or Heroes.
  17. Benjamin Diamond Vs. Octet - Sans Mobile Apparent
    Not at all like Benjamin Diamond's Hall & Oates styled solo stuff, this one has a triphop feel and some male wordless vocals.
  18. Alif Tree - Dernier Domicelle Connu
    A cello and violin fest that is leaden and moody.

---Carl, August 24, 2004