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Gooom Disques


M83 CD5 coverThis second single from French band M83's sophomore album, 'Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts' presents a document of what musical direction the band is going in at this point in time.

0078h with its scalding synths and spiky disembodied female voice sets the tone for the rest of the single. It sounds majestic and anthemic without ever establishing a sense of place. Immediately this kind of lap-pop reminds me of a more electronic Sigur Ros with its highs and lows (similar to Morr Music's recent output). It wants to be exciting but never really grips me. It is too short and too over-processed for my taste.

The live recording of Gone starts out quietly (for about the first 2:50) and then suddenly gets louder with electric guitars playing over the bassy tones. It sounds like an excerpt from a well produced space rock dirge.

The last track has Gooom Labelmates Cyann and Ben reinterpreted M83's track In Church. Here, it seems apparent to me that Cyann and Ben wrote a new song and simply play it over the M83 track. The Baroque folky rhythms of Cyann and Ben's version of In Church turn it into a pop song that sounds like its from the late Sixties. I expect to see wild nymphs dancing in a pastoral setting while this is playing. Perhaps the Left Banke would segue well next to this track.

A word of caution-- the last track on this CD is NOT over an hour long. The actual song only lasts about 7 minutes. After that, the time on the CD counts up to 1:01:30 when a loud organ chime comes up for another couple of minutes. I do not recommend fast forwarding the track to hear the organ sound as it its similar to the album version of In Church.

This single comes across to me as a "taster" or short resume of the band's recent work. It shows what direction Gooom Disques wants to pursue right now. I'm just not sure if it is a good one.

---George Kilgoar III, January 27, 2004