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Felix Da Housecat


Rocket Ride


Emperor Norton Records


Felix Da Housecat 7inch coverRocket Ride is the first single from Felix da Housecat's Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever LP, which is released today.

Starting off with a stun guitar out of early Blue Oyster Cult and a drum part Peter Criss would kick up in Kiss, Rocket Ride is not like any other Felix da Housecat music I have heard.

The feel of the track (and even the graphics on the sleeve) remind me of Andreas Dorau's classic Fred Vom Jupiter, which he recorded in 1984 as Die Doraus und Die Marinas. The song is very upbeat and easy to sing along with, and the vocals are done by the group of women who call themselves The Neon Fever.

The instrumental version on the flipside is exclusive to this single and is the reason you would consider buying this single, aside from the fact that it is the first 7inch he has released (that I know about).

The instrumental version of Rocket Ride is pretty ace too. He is calling his new sound "post-new wave disco soul." I haven't heard the full length, but this single is rock, with zero percent disco or soul, and high percentage new wave.

I think that could be a major summer song in the same way as The Ramones Rockaway Beach was decades ago. I would not be surprised if Felix Da Housecat scores a radio hit with this one, without losing any of his core fans - this is not a sellout, it is just a really good song.

---Carl, May 25, 2004