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Putsch 79




Clone Records


Putsch 79 CD coverPutsch 79's disc is a collaboration on Clone Records (the label out of the Netherlands that has also released ADULT. singles and the We Still Kill the Old Way compilation) between Pauli Jylhänkangas (aka Clutz on the Klakson label, home for Dexter and Duplex who have also appeared on Clone) and Sami Liuski (who has also recorded as Bangkok Impact and Lolita Strap). Putsch 79's disc is a warm, energetic classic sounding disc, which Sami Liuski summed up as "Putsch '79 is about grooving disco beats, throbbing basslines, smooth chords with influences from house and techno. Lots of references to good old disco and funk." It sounds like if Kraftwerk had set about doing a disco album with all the best intentions, or if Giorgio Moroder never had the chance to work with Donna Summer, all pure pounding beats, slinky synth lines and retro pings.

Asian Girls was a 12 inch single released previously and it's the standout vocal track that shows up early on the disc. It's got a laidback groove and swirling strings straight out of a retro disco track. The rhythm at heart is pure electro with a melodic piano line, a throbbing bassline and dubbed echo rhythms all augmenting the mellow male lead vocal.

There are no other tracks so obviously a single, but Putsch 79 keep the goods coming on a slew of slinky, retro burning tunes which keep this cd moving in the right direction. Kisses reminded me of what David Bowie might have done if he had decided to keep on with an instrumental ideal at the turn of the 80s. Salted Water & Sticky Fingers has a sleepy dub meets Kraftwerk on the streets of NYC feel. Penguins Are Deep reminds me of the goodness that SCSI-9 were capable of on their cd Digital Russian.

Cockaine Dub is a definite favorite which emerges later on the disc as guitars enter the picture more prominently on this dub workout with subdued male vocals repeating "Cocaine..."

Some songs might be too retro for some, like Confession which has the most retro keyboard sound yet along with some haunting vocoder vocals.

The funk and groove returns on another favorite of mine - Steam Engine has a jazziness to it that most of the tracks only hint at and which helps Steam Engine rise above the bunch. I swear there's a melody lifted from a Marvin Gaye song in their too which is submerged into the ambient jazz swirls in fine form.

---Patrick, May 25, 2004